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Black Sesame Crisp is a delicious traditional snack that we have improved by using plant-based sugar substitutes instead of cane sugar to achieve a sugar-free effect. Black Sesame Crisp are made with crispy black sesame seeds and sugar alcohols, featuring a rich black sesame aroma and a crispy, slightly sweet taste. When cut into small pieces, they're delicious and non-sticky. If you want to enjoy snacks without excessive sugar intake, this is the perfect choice for you.


Black sesame: Contains protein, unsaturated fatty acids, melanin, dietary fiber, various vitamins, and minerals. It can nourish the liver and kidneys, darken hair and brighten eyes, nourish blood and essence, maintain beauty and protect the skin, protect the cardiovascular system, strengthen bones, and improve the intestine.


Xylitol and Maltitol are natural sweeteners that are widely found in nature and can be extracted from various plants such as birch trees, raspberries, and corn. They have a natural sweet taste, fast metabolism, and extremely low calorie content. In addition, they can inhibit the synthesis of glycerol and fatty acids. Unlike fructose, sugar alcohols do not cause a rapid rise in blood sugar levels and do not increase neutral fats in the blood. Since sugar alcohols cannot be broken down by bacteria, they can prevent tooth decay.They are suitable for consumption by children, women, the elderly, and diabetes patients. Sugar alcohols are particularly common in Europe, especially in Finland, and are widely used in food, chewing gum, candy, oral care products, and other fields.


Black Sesame Crisp (Sugar Free)

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