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Our Story

PremiOne is a local brand in Hong Kong. Our name in Chinese carries the meaning “genuine and honest” and also “the highest rank of the Imperial officer title in ancient China” which is our mission to provide the pure and best products we value for.


Human beings are born and nourishing by the Mother Earth. We would like to promote vegetarianism and the authentic agricultural products to reduce harm to animals and the environment. At the end we would resume harmony relationship with the nature by living this simple lifestyle.


We carefully select agricultural products grown by natural planting methods through reliable small farmers overseas. Especially selecting exquisite products that are not mass-produced and certified, with the most natural appearance in terms of taste, color, aroma, etc. We are enthusiastic to search the highest quality of vegetarian foods and drinks with food safety control for customer. To indulge the lost original taste of nature foods and to achieve health preservation effects are our best wishes to our customers. We sincerely hope you would enjoy our products!

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