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Sugar Alcohol Sesame & Peanut Rice cookie is made from the traditional rice cookie taste. It is made with black sesame, glutinous rice, peanuts and sugar alcohol, and then cut into mouthful pieces. Crispy, delicious and non-sticky, don't miss it for those who like traditional crispy rice but are afraid of fat.


Many people like sweets, but sweets generally use sucrose as the source of sweetness, which is very unhealthy. In order to solve this problem, we use sugar substitutes xylitol and maltitol as natural sources of sweetness, and specially launch a series of traditional "sugar alcohols". Snacks, I hope sweets will not burden the body.


Xylitol and maltitol are a new generation of natural sugar substitutes, which can be extracted from various plants such as birch, raspberry, corn and other plants. The sweetness is natural, and the sweetness is not only equivalent to that of sucrose, but also has only sucrose in calories. half. Sugar alcohols cannot be decomposed by bacteria, which can protect children from tooth decay. In addition, sugar alcohols not only metabolize quickly but also have low calories, and can inhibit the synthesis of glycerol and fatty acids, unlike fructose, which increases neutral fat in the blood. Therefore, sugar alcohol can reduce sugar and fat, and prevent tooth decay. It is an ideal sucrose substitute for children, women, the elderly, and diabetic patients. Therefore, sugar alcohol products are very common in Europe because of Finland. Since this is a sugar-free snack, pregnant mothers and those who pay attention to blood sugar can eat it in moderation.


Black sesame is flat and sweet in taste. "Compendium of Materia Medica" says: "Taking black sesame for a hundred days can eliminate all chronic diseases." The theory of traditional Chinese medicine believes that black sesame can nourish the liver and kidney, moisten the five internal organs, and invigorate energy. It has a good effect on the beauty of black hair. Although black sesame seeds are small, they are very nutritious and good for nourishing blood and nourishing kidneys!

Sugar Alcohol Sesame & Peanut rice cookie (Sugar Free)

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