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Introducing the Golden Buckwheat Seaweed Rice Cracker made by a famous Taiwanese bakery! The rice cracker is made from high-quality Taiwanese rice and rich soy sauce, baked to achieve a crispier texture than ordinary rice. The soy sauce flavor is deliciously intense (like vegetarian chicken nugget), with a hint of malt sweetness. Additionally, we have added golden buckwheat, peas, black sesame seeds, and a thin slice of seaweed to enhance the taste. The baking process uses natural palm oil and low-temperature baking, without trans fats, making it a healthy and safe snack. Each rice cracker is individually wrapped, making it a convenient and unmissable snack choice.


Golden buckwheat, also known as bitter buckwheat, has recently been found to have a higher nutritional value than ordinary buckwheat. It contains various nutrients such as flavonoids, rutin, and quercetin, which help lower cholesterol, prevent cardiovascular diseases, control blood sugar, enhance immunity, and promote digestion.

Golden Buckwheat Seaweed Rice Cracker

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