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PremiOne's small apricots belong to the Ili wild apricot species, which tastes sweet but not greasy, with fruity sweet and sour taste and aroma. You can even eat the almonds by biting the apricot kernels! Although the fruit of this species is not big but the taste is absolutely better than other dried apricots. Our apricots are old apricot trees planted by Muslim farmers in Xinjiang using organic and natural farming methods. They are free of pesticides and additives. After harvesting, clean it with clean water and then dry it at low temperature without adding any preservatives or additives.


Kuqa small Apricot, a tree plant, originated in Northwest China. It is a traditional fruit tree in Luntai, Kuqa, Xinjiang, China, and one of the most commonly cultivated fruit trees by the Uyghur minority. Apricots are all treasures, especially suitable for processing into dried apricots, and apricot kernels are also the raw material for making roasted seeds and nuts. It combines natural, nutritious and health-care functions, and its nutritional value is much higher than other pralines.


The apricot Planting Base is located near the bottom of the Tarim Basin. It has a temperate continental climate with sparse precipitation, large temperature difference between day and night, frost-free period of up to 280 days, and 3,000 hours of accumulated sunshine temperature. When the Kuqa small apricot matures in late spring and early summer, the small white apricot fruit is smooth, yellow-white or light orange, fine and juicy, low in fiber, high in sugar, and sweet, fragrant and sweet. Contains 16 kinds of trace elements such as various amino acids, digestive enzymes and amygdalin. Among them, vitamin B17 helps prevent cancer.


In traditional Chinese medicine, apricots are commonly used to moisturize the lungs and resolve phlegm, clear away heat and detoxify; dried apricots have anti-aging and anti-cancer effects; almonds can nourish yin and strengthen the kidneys and improve self-immunity. The nutritional components of almond oil cream can compensate for dry and damaged skin.

Premium organic dried apricots

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