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Premium Dried Figs come from small Muslim farmers in Xinjiang, who cultivate them using natural farming methods. The taste is sweet, somewhat like honey, and the dried fruit has a chewy texture, making it very delicious. Figs are rich in sugar and natural fructose and can be consumed directly, infused as fruit tea, made into jam, or baked into desserts. The taste and texture of figs are irresistible.


Natural Air-drying: The Turpan Basin in Xinjiang is particularly suitable for planting and air-drying crops. The area is low-lying, with scorching summers, long periods of temperatures reaching forty degrees, and scarce rainfall. In this climate, Turpan people invented a unique air-drying room - "drying room". This type of room has holes on all four walls, providing both ventilation and protection from sunlight, allowing natural air-drying without any drying agents.


Figs: they can clear heat, promote fluid production, strengthen the spleen, stimulate the appetite, detoxify, and reduce swelling. At the same time, they contain large amounts of carbohydrates, vitamins, amino acids, malic acid, citric acid, hydrolytic enzymes, as well as rich mineral selenium and dietary fiber, which have anti-inflammatory, digestion-promoting, blood pressure-lowering, blood sugar-lowering, and bowel-moistening effects.

Premium Dried Figs

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