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Crimson Glory roses originate from France, with unique morphological characteristics, the plant height is about 60cm , the flower has 30-35 double petals , the flower diameter is 10-12cm , the flower color is dark red and black, with high self-pigment content, velvety texture, and strong floral fragrance.


Crimson Glory roses are rich in vitamins A , C , B , E , K , as well as anthocyanins and tannins. Anthocyanins are important elements for anti-oxidation and anti-aging, and tannins are important for preventing cardiovascular disease. The edible effect of roses has been recorded in major medical books since ancient times. The ancient folks have long formed the habit of eating roses for health preservation. Long-term consumption of roses can help soothe the liver and relieve depression, promote qi and blood circulation, and beautify the face.


Crimson Glory roses are mainly brewed in water to drink, with strong floral fragrance and smooth drinking taste. The aroma of roses is sweet in the mouth, comfortable and straight to the heart, and the taste is sweet and pure. This rose is large in size, deep red, and the petals are as red as ink, so it is called the "ink red rose". As an edible rose, the "ink red rose" is dark red like ink, especially like velvet.


The anthocyanin content of Crimson Glory rose is very high, and anthocyanin is very sensitive to pH. Since tap water is slightly alkaline, it will be slightly bluish when brewed with ordinary water; if you add a slice of lemon to make the water acidic, the tea will turn pink! So discoloration is related to the pH value of water!


PremiOne's organic Crimson Glory red roses are produced in Yunnan Organic Rose Garden. In order to ensure the quality and safety of the finished products , we also send roses for lab testing, including the use of pesticides, dyes and sulfur dioxide, all of which are "not detected" - not detected , you can drink it safely.


In addition, our Crimson Glory red roses are dehydrated by vacuum freeze dry method, so that the roses can preserve their nutrients as much as possible and make the flowers better in color and condition.


Effect of rose :

• Soothing the Liver and Relieving Depression - Rose tea can effectively relieve fatigue, soothe the mind and release depression.

• Beauty - Modern people often stay up late, resulting in dry skin, poor elasticity and lack of luster, resulting in acne, chloasma, dark spots and other skin problems. And rose tea has a good effect of soothing the liver, relieving depression, calming the nerves and reducing inner heat (especially the inner heat caused by staying up late), can soothe emotions, regulate temperament, lighten pigmentation, and nourish the skin internally.

• Clear intestines, aid digestion, remove bad breath, and eliminate fat - rose tea has the effects of regulating endocrine, enhancing blood circulation, strengthening spleen and liver, and enhancing qi and blood.

• Menstrual regulation and pain relief - As dysmenorrhea is mainly caused by cold in the uterus, and rose has a good effect of activating qi and promoting blood circulation, so it has the effect of regulating menstruation and pain relief.


Note: Rose/Chinese rose has the effect of promoting blood circulation and removing blood stasis and regulating menstruation, so pregnant women should not take it.

Organic Crimson Glory Rose Tea

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  • • Organically grown
    • Freeze-dried with high nutritional value

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