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There are more than 70 kinds of Dendrobium, but they can be used as medicine, and only four kinds are included in the national pharmacopoeia, namely Dendrobium nobile, Dendrobium candidum, Dendrobium drumstick, and Dendrobium fringe. Among them, Dendrobium nobile is listed at the first place. Dendrobium nobile is known as the first of the nine immortal grasses in China.


According to legend, Qin Shihuang sent Xu Fu to Chishui, Guizhou in order to find the longevity fairy grass in his dream, and found "Ziying Fairy Shu" in the high mountains. It is difficult to reproduce and has strict requirements on warm and humid climate conditions. About 100 grams of Dendrobium nobile can harvest 1 gram of Dendrobium nobile flower. Compared with Dendrobium nobile, Dendrobium nobile flower is even more precious, and it can be called the real one in a hundred.


The flower of Dendrobium nobile is one of the best in a hundred, and only 1 gram of flower can be harvested from 100 grams of Dendrobium nobile. The nourishing effect of Dendrobium nobile lies in its dendrobine and polysaccharide components, and the content of dendrobine in the flower of Dendrobium nobile is several times that of the bar of dendrobium. Modern medical research shows that Dendrobium nobile has very high medicinal value. It can nourish yin and moisten lungs, nourish stomach and promote body fluid, improve eyesight and clear heat, enhance immunity and anti-aging effects. It is effective for respiratory diseases, diabetes, Chronic hepatitis, chronic gastritis, etc. are beneficial. What's more worth mentioning is that the most significant effect of Dendrobium nobile flower is to relieve depression. Dendrobium flowers contain a variety of volatile oils, which are volatile, can make people feel cheerful, and can relieve symptoms such as high mental stress, easy fatigue, irritability, and depression.


And PremiOne's Dendrobium nobile flower comes from the stones in the deep mountains of Chishui, Guizhou, and is collected by small farmers into the mountains with bamboo baskets on their backs. It is a natural and wild Dendrobium nobile flower.


Rose resources in the world can be divided into plain roses and highland roses. Xinjiang Hotan roses grow in the natural organic base of the oasis on the southern edge of the Taklamakan Desert, with an average altitude of 3,000 meters. It is the only highland rose resource in the world. This unique geographical advantage of light and heat resources gives Hotan roses a unique quality.


Hetian twig rose is the world-recognized rose variety with the highest oil yield and the best fragrance. It also contains nine trace elements and seventeen amino acids that are easily absorbed by the human body. Body and other effects. Because Hotan Rose grows on the edge of the Taklimakan Desert, where there are few people, the sunshine time is long, and the Kunlun Mountains are watered by melted snow, they bloom only once a year, with slow growth and low yield. Picked by Uighur girls with bare hands, it goes directly into the closed and standardized organic production, fully retaining the natural rose ingredients, with a fragrant floral fragrance and a long aftertaste, which is purer, richer and more natural than artificially cultivated roses.


The nutritional value of Hetian twig rose is five times that of other parts of the world, and it is known as "nutritional gold". A Hetian twig rose contains 11.56 times as much active ingredient as a Bulgarian rose. The reason why Bulgarian roses are famous is that the quantity is large, but the quality is far inferior to Xinjiang sprig roses. The Hetian small roses are organically grown and picked by Uyghur girls with bare hands, which fully retains the natural rose ingredients. Since Hotan is a national organic region, the rose tea produced is the only rose tea in China that has obtained organic and AA green certification.


The buds of Hetian Little Rose are slightly fat, reddish with purple, the leaves wrapping the buds are fresh green, the buds are slightly opened, and they will open naturally after flushing. Hetian rose is the oldest rose with the highest medicinal value. The flowers are small, but the aroma is very strong.


In general, the most potent ingredients in rose are citronellol and geraniol. Scientists tested and compared Hetian roses and came to the conclusion that the citronellol content of Hetian roses is 8.3 times that of Bulgarian roses and 5.6 times that of French roses. The geraniol content of Hetian rose is 249.8 times that of Bulgarian rose and 124.9 times that of French rose.


Our PremiOne's small rosebud tea is an organic twig rosebud from Hetian, Xinjiang. After the small rosebuds are soaked in water, the tea soup is yellow-green. After soaking in water, a strong rose fragrance blows your face. This is a real high-quality rosebud features. Moreover, the taste is sweet after soaking in water, and because of the sufficient essential oil content, it can be brewed several times. After the ordinary rose buds are soaked in water, the tea soup is colorless, or has no aroma, or the pungent taste of the essence has a particularly chemical smell under the action of steam. And after brewing once, there is no smell.


Medicinal value: Hotan rose, strong in water solubility, belongs to the variety of roses for both medicine and food. Since ancient times, it has been the most commonly used medicinal material in Uighur medicine, an important branch of traditional Chinese medicine. It is a drug recorded in many documents and pharmacopoeias. Use highly valuable roses. (Uighurs call roses "Kaziliguli", and believe that eating roses is very beneficial to the body. "Uyghur Medicine Chronicle" published in 1985 said that roses regulate qi and relieve depression, calm and soothe the nerves, and nourish blood , regulating menstruation. It can be used for palpitations, shortness of breath, restlessness, yin deficiency and frailty, women's irregular menstruation, red and white vaginal discharge, spleen and stomach disharmony, nausea and vomiting, and sore tongue.)


Roses are rich in vitamins A, C, B, E, K, and tannic acid, which can improve endocrine disorders, and are also helpful in eliminating fatigue and wound healing. Regulate qi and blood, regulate women's physiological problems, promote blood circulation, beautify, regulate menstruation, diuretic, ease gastrointestinal nerves, prevent wrinkles, prevent frostbite, and beautify the skin.


Mulberry, also known as mulberry, mulberry, mulberry, mulberry, black gluten, etc., is a kind of wild fruit. The mature mulberry is black and red, sweet and sour, refreshing, juicy and delicious, and it also has very rich trace elements. Very good health benefits. As early as more than 2,000 years ago, mulberry was a gift for the emperor of China. Mulberry has the title of "folk sacred fruit", which can be used as food and medicine. Insufficient blood, irregular menstruation, dizziness, tinnitus, heart palpitations, insomnia, hair loss and white hair are all caused by insufficient liver and kidney. Mulberry just can comprehensively improve above-mentioned situation. It is rich in active protein, vitamins, amino acids, carotene, minerals and other components. Its nutritional content is 5-6 times that of apples and 4 times that of grapes. Good health fruit". Eating mulberries often can significantly improve human immunity, and has the effects of delaying aging and beautifying the skin.


PremiOne's additive-free black mulberry comes from a farm in Turpan, Xinjiang, which is natural and pollution-free! The fruit feels thick, and the color is black and attractive. After picking, it is placed in the sun room to dry naturally without adding any preservatives or additives.



・Enhance immunity and anti-aging - Dendrobium nobile contains dendrobine, which has the effects of nourishing yin and lungs, nourishing the stomach and promoting body fluid, and enhancing immunity. It is also good for respiratory diseases, diabetes, chronic hepatitis, and chronic gastritis.

・Antioxidant - Dendrobium nobile is rich in polysaccharides, colloids and various nutrients, which can effectively help anti-oxidation. The resveratrol in mulberry also has a strong antioxidant effect, which can resist aging and prevent cardiovascular diseases.

・Regulating menstruation and relieving pain, activating qi and activating blood circulation - Since dysmenorrhea is mainly caused by palace cold, roses and mulberry both have good qi and blood circulation, so they have the effect of regulating menstruation and relieving pain. In particular, mulberries are rich in phosphorus and iron, which can nourish the kidneys and blood, make people look ruddy, and have black and bright hair.

・Soothing the liver and relieving stagnation - Dendrobium nobile flower contains a variety of volatile oils, which can make people feel cheerful; and roses can also effectively relieve fatigue, relax the mood, and radiate depression.

・Improving eyesight and clearing heat - Mulberry and Dendrobium nobile flowers contain very high anthocyanins, which can improve eyesight and relieve eye fatigue and dryness.

・Beauty and beauty - Dendrobium nobile is rich in dendrobium polysaccharides, colloids and various nutrients, which can effectively help anti-oxidation and increase skin elasticity. And rose tea has a very good effect of soothing the liver, relieving depression, calming the nerves and reducing fire (especially the virtual fire caused by staying up late).

Organic Dendrobium nobile flower with rose and mulberry drink (8 packs)

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  • • All materials are grown wild or organic, no pesticides • No artificial colors and preservatives added • Low-temperature roasting to retain complete nutrition and taste • Vegan

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