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Black wolfberry grows in a high-altitude climate, clean ecological environment and pollution-free wild ridge. It taste sweet and flat in nature. Due to the difficulty of picking, the yield is low, and it is the plant with the highest anthocyanin content found so far, which helps to resist oxidation, and the anthocyanin has significant effects on beauty, so it has become a rare nourishing product.

The reason why black wolfberry is black and purple is because anthocyanins are derived to protect themselves, which shows the wonder of creation. For this reason, it has higher anthocyanin content than other fruits and vegetables including blueberries. Black berries and blueberries are both high-content anthocyanine vegetarian foods, but they are higher than blueberries.

It also contains a variety of trace elements such as protein, wolfberry polysaccharides, amino acids, vitamins, and minerals. It has high medicinal value. It can improve skin tone, diminish wrinkles, anti-oxidation, improve sleep, nourish liver and eyesight, nourish essence and strengthen kidney , Nourishes blood and calms the nerves, lowers blood lipids, and is beneficial for cardiovascular disease. Because the ingredients in black wolfberry are very water soluble, it is suitable to bake water directly, but it is not suitable for boiling soup, boiled food and soaking wine.

Lemon contains sugar, calcium, phosphorus, iron and vitamins B1, B2, C and other nutrients, in addition to rich citric acid and flavonoids, volatile oil, hesperidin and so on. Our dried lemons are ordered directly from small farms in Taiwan. They are grown organically and dried at low temperature after harvest to preserve the natural flavor and nutrients. The roasting process does not contain any preservatives or additives to ensure pure naturalness. Our lemon is seedless & it won't get a bite of seeds when having the drink!

The lemons of PremiOne come from Taiwan, and the black wolfberries are wild from China. They are grown naturally without any pesticides, and no additives or preservatives are added during the processing. There is no doubt about pesticide residues. It is the best choice of office and home drinks.

Wild Black Wolfberry Lemon Drink (10 packs)

SKU: 200-0035-1
  • • Freshly picked lemons from Taiwan • No additives or preservatives added • Full nutrition and flavor are retained • Vegan

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