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Butterfly Pea (Clitoria ternatea), also known as blue beans. The popularity of Butterfly Pea Flowers start from the Thai beverage, it's origin from the Himalayas, legumes India, Sri Lanka, Java, etc., due to it's bright colors, can be used as a natural dye, contains up to 10 times more anthocyanins than most plants, It is good for eye health, and it is easier to take anthocyanins from time to time than blueberries. Butterfly Pea Flowers also contain vitamins A, C, E and Bioflavonoids, it's antioxidant, maintaining skin elasticity and help fight inflammation. It also helps:

  • Strengthen & promote hair growth : Bioflavonoids in the butterfly pea flowers keep hair dark and promote growth
  • Keep the skin healthy : Anti-oxidant ingredients can help enhance the synthesis of collagen and make the skin less prone to aging
  • Improve visions : it has 10 times of anthocyanins more than normal plants, which can improve vision problems effectively and promote the improvement of the visual sensitive and prevent retinopathy.
  • Provide antioxidants and promote blood circulation: Anthocyanins can help lower blood pressure, prevent arteriosclerosis, protect microvascular health, and reduce the risk of cardiovascular disease.

Butterfly pea flower drinks are very malleable. In addition to the several teas we have pre-mixed, they can also be used to adjust gradient colors through different temperatures, or different pH levels to create colorful colors, such as purple, red, sky blue and Gray, it can also be matched with Sprite, lemon juice, honey water, latte, etc. according to personal preference. Make your own special drink with dreamy colors.

Butterfly pea flower PremiOne used is from Taiwan small farm, who use organic cultivation methods to grown, absolutely no spraying of pesticides.

Although butterfly pea flower has many advantages, it should be taken in moderation and avoid excessive drinking. Those with the following circumstances should avoid using butterfly pea flowers:

  • Pregnant women : Butterfly pea flower has the effect of shrinking the uterus, so pregnant women are not allowed to drink butterfly pea flower.
  • Menopausal women : due to hormonal changes or unstable menstruation, floral tea should be consumed with caution.
  • Diabetes patients : Studies have shown that anthocyanins can increase insulin. Therefore, patients with this type of disease or those taking related medicines are advised to consult a doctor before drinking.
  • Cardiovascular disease, patients who are preparing for surgery : Some studies have pointed out that butterfly pea flower has anticoagulant effect, and people with unstable blood pressure and blood sugar are not recommended to drink it.

Organic Butterfly Pea Flower Tea

SKU: 200-0028-1
  • • Freshly picked butterfly pea flowers locally in Taiwan • No spraying of pesticides, no artificial colors and preservatives added • Low temperature baking to preserve complete nutrition and taste • Vegan

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