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Chamomile is a species originated from Europe, in Greek " chamos "(means ground) and" "melos " (means apple) refers to the low level growth habit of plants and apple blossoms. The chamomile plant is a daisy-like flower that reminds the ancient Egyptians of the sun, and is called the "herb of the sun." Chamomile is a long-standing and widely used medicinal plant of the Compositae family. Its diverse terpenoids and flavonoids give it special healing effects. It has anti-oxidant, anti-inflammatory, anti-fungal, antispasmodic, and sedative effects. Therefore, it has many uses in traditional medicine. Chamomile tea helps sleep, lowers blood pressure, lowers cholesterol, relieves itching of the nervous skin, and moisturizes the skin. It also helps to improve long-term constipation, relieves tension, relieves eye fatigue, moisturizes the lungs, and maintains health; it can also soothe indigestion caused by restless mood and tension, and it can relieve neuralgia and menstrual pain, relieve headaches, and gastroenteritis. Among different species of chamomile, German chamomile is the most valuable, which is made into extracts, essential oils, creams and other products. Tea is the best-selling drink, and it is one of the beverages that millions of people must drink every day. Of course, our chamomile tea is German chamomile! It is organic certificated also! PremiOne’s chamomile comes from organic farms in Egypt, grown naturally, and roasted at low temperatures to retain complete nutrition and aroma. No artificial colors and preservatives are added, which is safe and healthy.


The effects of chamomile:

-Relieve sleep disorders and depression and anxiety

- Anti-oxidation

-Anti-inflammatory and anti-fungal

Organic Chamomile with Pear Dices Drink (10 packs)

SKU: 200-0057-1
  • • All materials are organic or naturally grown • No sulfur, no additives and preservatives • Low-temperature baking to retain complete nutrition and taste • Vegan

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