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What is Dendrobium? What is dendrobium flower? There are 77 kinds of Dendrobium, but they can be used as medicine, and only four of them are included in the National Pharmacopoeia. Among four, Dendrobium nobile is listed first. Dendrobium nobile is known as the first of "The nine immortal herbal" in China. Dendrobium is sweet in nature and slightly salty, cold, and belongs to stomach, kidney and lung meridian. To benefit the stomach and promote fluids, nourish yin and clear away heat. Dendrobium is rich in Dendrobium polysaccharides, gums and a variety of nutrients, which can effectively help antioxidants and increase skin elasticity.

Dendrobium officinale flowers are generally yellow-green in color, with six petals in total. Its scent is delicate, the taste is light and clear, and it is good for releasing stress and stucked qi. May and June are the flowering period, but the flowering period is very short, it is difficult to grasp the harvesting period. The time of harvesting is directly related to the effective ingredients and actual effects of the flowers. In addition, the yield is very low. About 100 grams of Dendrobium officinale can harvest 1 gram of Dendrobium officinale flowers. In addition, it has special effects, so it is extremely precious and expensive. Dendrobium officinale flower is rich in dendrobine and polysaccharides. In addition to maintaining the effects of Dendrobium officinale, it also has the functions of regulating qi and soothe the nerves, moisturizing the skin, improving sleep, regulating yin and yang, relieving depression and invigorating the heart, nourishing blood and nourishing body fluid, nourishing yin and nourishing lungs. It has the functions of promoting body fluid, improving eyesight, clearing heat, and improving human immunity. It can effectively relieve the symptoms of mental stress, physical and mental fatigue, irritability, insomnia and dreaminess. Drinking Dendrobium officinale flower tea is to regulate the internal yin and yang of the human body, thereby regulating the qi The effects of soothing the nerves, moisturizing the skin, and improving immunity are the best products among the flowers! "Dendrobium officinale flowers are very beautiful like orchids. These flowers are gifts from nature, they can regulate the intestines and stomach, enhance resistance, also cool down the heat in summer. The more significant effect is to relieve depression and make people feel cheerful. Dendrobium officinale flowers can nourish yin and lungs, nourish stomach and promote fluids, improve eyesight and clear heat, enhance immunity, and anti-aging. It is also good for respiratory diseases, diabetes, chronic hepatitis, and chronic gastritis. Dendrobium officinale dried flowers are usually eaten by soaking them in boiling water. Do not add tea leaves. After soaking them until they are tasteless, they can be taken out and chewed. The Dendrobium officinale flower of PremiOne comes from Xishuangbanna, Yunnan, which grows on an average 1200 meters high mountain environment, and grows in a pollution-free, pesticide-free alpine environment. It is a true alpine Dendrobium flower.

Longan flower belongs to the Sapindaceae family. It has astringent taste and flat nature. In terms of function, it has the effect of strengthening the kidney, and it is also helpful for kidney disease, diabetes, red belt and leucorrhea. Modern studies have shown that longan flower contains two components, proanthocyanidins and catechins, after extraction with alcohol and hot water, which has a very good effect on scavenging free radicals and has a great antioxidant effect. It also has strong reducing power and the ability to chelate ferrous ions; in many systems that simulate human body oxidation, it has an antioxidant capacity much higher than that of ordinary natural products, and the longan flower extract is also quite effective in fighting inflammation, which proves that longan flower is a kind of A natural product with great health benefits. The longan flower used by PremiOne is cultivated by small farmers in Taiwan using organic planting methods. No pesticides are sprayed.

Monk Fruit is known as the "fairy fruit" since ancient times. It is sweet in taste and cool in nature. It has good effects to the lungs and large intestine meridian. It has the effects of moisturizing the lungs and relieving cough, producing body fluid and quenching thirst.

Golden Monk fruit is a low-temperature vacuum dehydrated, which retains its original color and nutrition. This new method not only does not caramelize the sugar and form a bitter taste, but it also retains more of the natural nutrients of Monk fruit, such as vitamin C, active enzymes, protein, etc., which are intolerant to high temperatures. So soak in warm water to drink, the taste is different from traditional Monk fruit. The tea is golden and clear. It taste sweet after a sip, and retains a natural fruity fragrance, which is lacking in traditional Monk fruit.

The mogroside in Monk fruit is a kind of "glycoside" with non-sugar ingredients. Its sweetness is 300 times that of sucrose. It's good to replace sugar for brewing tea and also cooking. It has a delicious taste and is called a "Fairy fruit". Whether cold or hot, the taste is the same sweet and delicious. You can drink it if you have blood sugar problems.

Our Golden Monk fruit is from the mountains of Longjiang, Guangxi. It is grown with organic farming methods, passed the test, no pesticides, no additives, and safe to drink!

• Anti-oxidation, anti-aging, enhance immunity
• Relieve depression and nourish the heart, relieve depression and anxiety
• Moisturizing and refreshing
• Nourish the liver and improve eyesight, clear away heat, anti-inflammatory and anti-fungal
• It is helpful for diabetics, suitable for people with blood sugar problems

Organic Dendrobium officinale flower, longan flower and monk fruit drink (8 packs)

SKU: 200-0087-1
  • • All materials are wild or organically grown, no pesticides • No artificial colors and preservatives added • Low-temperature roasting to retain complete nutrition and taste • Vegan

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