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Our burdock comes from Liujiao Township, Chiayi County, and is grown organically. The farmers harvested the fresh burdock, washed, sliced, sun-dried and low-temperture roasted to maintain their original aroma. They have also passed the SGS non-pesticide residue tests and are 100% free of any additives.

Burdock has the reputation of "Orient Ginseng". It contains nutrients such as carotene, potassium, magnesium, calcium, and dietary fiber, which help protect mucosal cells, lower blood pressure, maintain normal muscle and nervous system function, promote bowel movements, and regulate blood pressure. People suffer from constipation is recommended to consurm more. In addition, the inulin contained in burdock will not cause blood sugar changes after entering the body, which is very suitable for diabetics.

[Compendium of Materia Medica] records: Burdock is warm in nature, sweet in taste, non-toxic, through twelve veins, removes bad odors from the five internal organs, and can be keep young & resistant to aging after long-term use. It has the effects of clearing heat, detoxification, dispelling muscle dampness, invigorating the spleen, appetizing, laxative, nourishing yin, invigorating the kidney, replenishing qi, lowering blood pressure, and preventing stroke.

Organic Dried Burdock Tea Slices

SKU: 200-0022-1
  • • Freshly picked burdock locally in Taiwan • Organically grown without any additives or preservatives • Passed SGS no pesticide residue test • Low temperature roasting to retain complete nutrition and taste • Vegan

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