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Longan flower belongs to the Sapindaceae family. It has astringent taste and flat nature. In terms of function, it has the effect of strengthening the kidney, and it is also helpful for kidney disease, diabetes, red belt and leucorrhea. Modern studies have shown that longan flower contains two components, proanthocyanidins and catechins, after extraction with alcohol and hot water, which has a very good effect on scavenging free radicals and has a great antioxidant effect. It also has strong reducing power and the ability to chelate ferrous ions; in many systems that simulate human body oxidation, it has an antioxidant capacity much higher than that of ordinary natural products, and the longan flower extract is also quite effective in fighting inflammation, which proves that longan flower is a kind of A natural product with great health benefits.

Wolfberry is a kind of food that is beneficial to human health. It has a certain effect of nourishing the kidney and strengthening yang. Many people in all life use it to soak in water or make soup. Wolfberry helps improve liver & eyesight, nourishes blood and soothe the nerves, promotes body fluids and quenches thirst, moisturizes the lungs and relieves cough. It can cure liver and kidney yin deficiency, soreness of waist and knees, dizziness, dizziness, faint and teary eyes, cough due to fatigue, diminished thirst, spermatorrhea and other symptoms. According to research findings, wolfberry can protect the optic nerve on the retina and prevent glaucoma. For people who work with computers for a long time, it can relieve eye discomfort.

When buying wolfberries, choose those with red color, thick flesh, soft texture, sweet but not bitter, sticky to chewing, and can dye saliva red and yellow. This kind of wolfberry has the best quality.

The longan flowers and wolfberries used by PremiOne are cultivated by small farmers in Taiwan using natural planting methods. No pesticides are sprayed.

Organic Longan Flower with Wolfberry Drink (10 packs)

SKU: 200-0010-1
  • • All materials used are organically grown in Taiwan, freshly harvested and processed locally. • No additives or preservatives are added. • Pass the pesticide-free residue test. • Retain complete nutrition and taste. • Vegan

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