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Tangerine peel with Pu'er tea is a relatively well-known health tea in Pu'er tea family. The selected Xinhui tangerine peel, which has the reputation of " thousand-year-old ginseng and a century-old dried tangerine peel " , and Yunnan's aged ripe Pu'er, which is known as the best for weight lossing in tea, are processed by special technique. Red dried tangerine peel is warm in nature; bitter and acrid in taste; returns to the lung and spleen meridians. Sooth Qi and invigorate the spleen, resolve phlegm and treat cough . Pu'er tea is a Chinese dark tea, sweet, bitter and warm in nature. Return to the heart, lung, liver and stomach meridians. It can warm the stomach and help digestion. It is suitable for the weak and helps to relieve water and soil. Red drined tangerine peel Pu'er tea is mild and glycolic, suitable for all ages . The tea is fragrant and refreshing, and it is rich in vitamins. It can soothe the liver and moisten the lungs, nourish the stomach and hangover, regulate the qi and strengthen the spleen, eliminate accumulation and eliminate stagnation , prevent constipation, lose weight and eliminate cellulite . The first choice for those who pay attention to healthy diet .

Dried Tangerine Peel Pu'er Tea is a drink made of Riped Pu'er tea and aged dried red tangerine peel. The method is to dig out the pulp of tangerine, put it in the tea leaves, seal the digging hole, and dry it for a long time. Pu'er tea absorbs the fruity aroma of tangerine peel during the production process, and the combination of the two makes the tangerine pu'er tea mellow and sweet, with a unique fruity and aged aroma.

The efficacy of tangerine peel pu'er tea :
Nourishing Stomach - tangerine peel is rich in volatile oils, which can gently stimulate our stomach, thereby promoting gastric acid secretion and improving our digestive function. The riped Pu'er is warm and moist, and it is alkaline after being fermented. The key to nourishing the stomach lies in the acid-base balance. Regularly drinking riped Pu'er can neutralize gastric acid and achieve the effect of nourishing the stomach.

Weight loss - Many people like to drink green tea to lose weight, but drinking green tea for a long time is very irritating to the stomach and even destroys the gastric mucosa. You might as well try the milder tangerine peel Pu'er tea. After long-term fermentation and transformation, tangerine peel and Pu'er contain a large amount of tea polyphenols, minerals and trace elements, which can remove greasy, deep clean toxins and garbage attached to the intestinal wall, and achieve the effect of losing weight and eliminating cellulite.

Hangover - Theophylline is rich in tangerine peel and Pu'er, which has a diuretic effect, which can promote the rapid excretion of alcohol from the body and play an effective hangover effect.

Regulating Qi and Strengthening the Spleen - tangerine peel is pungent and warm in nature, can warm the stomach and dispel cold, regulate Qi and strengthen the spleen, and is suitable for people with symptoms such as flatulence, indigestion, and loss of appetite.

Prevent constipation - Tangerine Pu'er tea is rich in dietary fiber, which can strengthen the movement of the intestines and is conducive to defecation. Regular consumption of tangerine peel Pu'er tea can improve constipation and reduce abdominal fat accumulation.

Choose a high-quality tangerine peel Pu'er tea:
In fact, tangerine peel takes more than three years to be aged. The cost of high-quality tangerine peel is high, so many merchants only use cheaper citrus. Many so-called " Aged tangerine Pu'er Tea" on the market are actually just Citrus Pu'er tea.

There are generally two kinds of tangerine peel Pu'er on the market, one is the Pu'er tea stuffed in tangerine, and the other is crushed tangerine peel with Pu'er tea. Of course, the quality of the stuffed one will be more guaranteed. There are also two types of dried tangerine peels, one is red and the other is green; of course, if you want to have above effects, you must choose the red one, the green one has another effect! So be sure to look carefully when purchasing!

In fact, any citrus can be made into tangerine peel. Due to special reasons such as soil, climate, cultivation, etc., there are only about 7 to 12 kinds of volatile oils in normal citrus peel. As for the tangerine peel produced in Xinhui, there are 24 kinds of volatile oils, and the medicinal value of tangerine peel is exactly Depends on the type and content of volatile oils and flavonoids. Therefore , the medicinal value of the citrus seeds produced in Xinhui, Guangdong is very high, so it is generally believed that the tangerine tea produced by Xinhui tangerine is with the best quality.

PremiOne 's tangerine peel Pu'er tea is the stuffed red tangerine pu'er tea. It uses six-year-old Xinhui aged red tangerine peel stuffed with ten-year-old selected aged Pu'er tea. It is made in accordance with the traditional method and sun-dried. The mellow taste of traditional tangerine peel Pu'er.

Chenpi Pu'er Tea (Red Tangerine Peel)

SKU: 200-0075-1
  • • All ingredients are organically grown• No additives or preservatives added• Follow the traditional method, sun-dried, mellow and traditonal taste• Vegan

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