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These cookies are specially developed by us with oatmeal, wholemeal flour, konjac powder, nuts, dried fruits and different flavors and sugar alcohols in a customized sugar alcohol baking workshop. We select all kinds of materials without adding any preservatives, flavors or coloring additives, and there is no added sugar and butter; salt is also used as little as possible. This cookie is crispy, crisper than ordinary cookies, but without the strong buttery taste; followed by different flavors of raw materials, the aroma of nuts and a little sweetness of dried fruits! The taste is refreshing and the aftertaste is endless! In order to make this snack healthier, we added konjac powder to increase the alkalinity and satiety, making this small snack healthier and not overeating! Moreover, this series is individually packaged, which is convenient to carry and eat. It is very suitable for adults in the office or children out for activities. It is also a good snack that is not afraid of getting wet soon after opening.


This series of handmade oatmeal cookies with nuts and dried fruits has no added sugar at all, so it is suitable for friends who pay attention to weight and blood sugar, want to improve their acidic body and care about health. Eat in moderation.


Here are four of the most popular flavors to choose from:

  • Original
  • Rose with Purple Sweet Potato Flavor
  • Chocolate Flavor
  • Black Sesame Flavor


Many people like sweets, but sucrose is generally used as the source of sweetness, which is high in sugar and calories, which is not healthy. To solve this problem, we use natural sugar substitutes such as xylitol as the source of sweetness to launch sugar-free snacks, hoping to eat sweet All can be healthy.


Xylitol is a new generation of plant sugar substitute, which can be extracted from various plants such as birch, raspberry, corn, etc. It has a natural sweetness and is comparable to sucrose. Sugar alcohols metabolize quickly and have extremely low calories, which can inhibit the synthesis of glycerol and fatty acids, unlike fructose that increases neutral fat in the blood. Sugar alcohol cannot be decomposed by bacteria, so it can prevent tooth decay. Therefore, sugar alcohol can reduce sugar and fat and prevent tooth decay. It is an ideal sucrose substitute for children, women, the elderly, and diabetics. Sugar alcohol is especially popular in Finland in Europe. universal. Since it is a sugar-free snack, pregnant women and people who are concerned about blood sugar can eat it in moderation.


Although, this is a handmade snack, In order to ensure the quality, we will conduct tests from time to time to ensure the food safety!

Sugar Alcohol Handmade Nuts and Dried Fruit Oatmeal Cookies (No Sugar Added)

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