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Apple is good for the heart, spleen, and quenches thirst. Apple is medicinal, and it has the functions of moistening the lungs and delighting the heart, promoting body fluid and appetizing, strengthening the spleen and helping digestion, relieving alcohol and nourishing the heart, etc. The apple aroma has the effect of tranquilizing the mind and sleeping, and it is also a good medicine for depression and anti-aging.


Apples from Taihang Mountains, with a unique basin climate and light conditions, large temperature difference between day and night, fertile soil, sufficient sunshine, and organic planting, it makes apples high in sugar content, bright red in color, orange-yellow flesh, juicy, slag-free, sweet and delicious. Apples are high in sugar and rich in various organic substances such as "zinc" and "potassium" that are beneficial to human health.


Apple slices and diced apples are made of apples from the Taihang Mountains, which are dried at low temperature without preservatives or sulfur fumigation. They taste sweet and are safe to eat. Our apples are hand-selected, seeds and core are removed as much as possible, so the brewed water is particularly delicious.

Sulfur-free Dried Apple

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