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Tri-dates tea is a health drink that is very popular among women. It can nourish blood and energy. It is generally made of red dates, black dates and candied dates soaked in water. Many women or pregnant women will make Tri-dates tea to replenish qi and blood after menstruation; due to the sweet taste, children also like to drink it. As the saying goes: "Eating three dates a day will keep you look young!" This sentence praises the benefits of eating dates. But we feel that the candied dates among the traditional
three dates contain too much powdered sugar. Since it's not to take too much sweet for your body, and also the taste, we have replace the candied dates by date palm. Our new tri-dates tea is good in norishing qi, there is also magical effect - check out the introduction below!


The red dates we choose are wild-picked chicken heart red dates from Taiwan. They are grown in a natural, non-polluting environment. They are ordinary in appearance, but have a first-grade taste. They are dried in a glass house to keep clean and hygienic. They are suitable for instant consumption or tea brewing.


Red dates were first published in "Shen Nong's Materia Medica", also known as jujube, dried jujube, and beautiful jujube. They are sweet and warm in nature and flavor. Traditional Chinese medicine believes that red dates are warm in nature, nourishes blood and preserves blood, and can improve blood circulation. Red dates not only nourish blood and nourish qi, but also nourish and beautify the skin. People with deficiency of both qi and blood and poor spleen and stomach functions are suitable to eat more. Pharmacological studies have found that certain components contained in red dates can increase the content of red blood cells in the blood, strengthen the bone marrow-building function, and make the face ruddy. And Chicken heart red date is one of them, the fruit is named because it looks like a chicken heart. Compared with the general larger red dates, the medicinal value of Chicken heart red date is higher, including amino acids, organic acids and flavonoids, which are more abundant, so it is more suitable for health food.


Black date is a tribute to the emperor. The taste of black date is sweeter and richer than red date, and it has a milder nature. Soothe the nerves, invigorate the spleen and stomach, nourish the kidneys and liver, nourish the heart and lungs, and relieve coughs. Those with autumn cough can eat more. The authentic products produced in Zhejiang, among which the "Yiwu jujube" produced in Yiwu is the best.


Date palm is grown in the Middle East and other regions. It has a sweet taste, no fat and cholesterol and is rich in natural fructose. Fructose makes the blood sugar production index lower than candied dates. It is rich in nutrients and contains minerals such as phosphorus, potassium, calcium, magnesium, and iron. , Helps maintain bone health, prevent osteoporosis, regulate blood pressure and prevent anemia. In addition, compared with similar dried fruits, such as figs, date palms are richer in antioxidants. These include Flavonoids, Carotenoids and Phenolic acid, which help prevent heart disease, cancer, dementia and diabetes. At the same time, from the perspective of traditional Chinese medicine, it has the effects of nourishing qi, resolving phlegm and relieving cough, and moisturizing the lungs.


The nutritive value of Hetian rose is five times that of other parts of the world, and it is known as "nutrition gold". A sprig of Hetian rose contains 11.56 times the amount of effective ingredients of a Bulgarian rose. The reason why the Bulgarian rose is famous is that the quantity is large, but the quality is far inferior to the Xinjiang small branch rose. The Hetian small roses are organically planted and picked by Uyghur girls. They fully retain the natural ingredients of the rose. The floral fragrance is tangy, the aftertaste is long-lasting, and it is rich and natural. Since Hotan is a national organic region, the rose tea produced is the only rose tea in China that has obtained organic and AA green certification.


The small rose buds of Hetian are in bulb shape ,red with purple, and the leaves that wrap the buds are fresh green. The buds are slightly open, and they will open naturally after flushing. Hetian Rose has the highest medicinal value and the oldest rose. It has a small flower but a very strong fragrance.


Generally speaking, the most effective ingredients in roses are citronellol and geraniol. Scientists tested and compared Hetian roses and came to the conclusion that the citronellol content of Hetian roses is 8.3 times that of Bulgarian roses and 5.6 times that of French roses. The geraniol content of Hetian rose is 249.8 times that of Bulgarian rose and 124.9 times that of French rose.


Medicinal value: Hetian rose, highly water-soluble, is a kind of rose for both medicine and food. Since ancient times, it has been the most commonly used medicinal ingredient in Uyghur medicine, an important branch of traditional Chinese medicine. It is a medicine recorded in many documents and pharmacopoeias. Roses of extremely high value. (The Uyghur people call roses "Kazili Guli" and believe that consuming roses is of great benefit to the body. The "Uyghur Medicine Journal" published in 1985 stated that roses regulate qi to relieve depression, calm the nerves, and nourish blood, regulating menstruation. It can be used for palpitations, shortness of breath, uneasiness, yin deficiency and weakness, irregular menstruation, red vaginal discharge, spleen and stomach discord, nausea and vomiting, tongue sores.)


Roses are rich in vitamins A, C, B, E, K, and tannins, which can improve endocrine disorders, relieve fatigue and help wound healing. Regulate qi and blood, regulate female physiological problems, promote blood circulation, beautify, regulate menstruation, diuresis, relax gastrointestinal nerves, anti-wrinkle, anti-frostbite, beauty and beauty.


Red date, black date and date palm all have different benefits. This three dates is a simple but really "god-level" healthy drink and we hope to sublimate this "god-level" healthy drink and add a bit of rose on top of it. The rose buds add some aroma to the already sweet Tri-dates tea to make it perfert! Especially drink it 5-12 days after menstruation. It is very good for women's body. It not only replenishes blood but also make our complexion ruddy. In the transition season, people with cold hands and feet can also drink to warm up. In addition to replenishing blood, rose Tri-dates tea is also suitable for people who often spend the night and smoke and drink too much. You can drink more to nourish the liver. And friends who have allergies in the trachea during the transition season, may drink more for soothing.


Our three dates are selected from the place of origin, the red dates are from Taiwan’s wild Chicken heart red dates, the black dates are from Yiwu and the date palm are from Middle East. All are carefully selected! The small rose buds are organic small rose buds from Hetian, Xinjiang. After the small rose buds are soaked in water, the tea soup will appear yellow-green. After soaking in the water, a strong rose fragrance will come out. This is the characteristic of real high-quality rose buds. Moreover, it tastes sweet after soaking in water, and because of the sufficient essential oil content, it can be brewed several times. After the ordinary rose buds are soaked in water, the tea soup is colorless and either has no aroma, or the pungent smell of the essence is particularly chemical under the action of steam. And after brewing once, there is no taste.

Organic Rose bud with Tri-dates Tea (8 packs)

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