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Natural Assorted Raisins select the four most common grape varieties in Xinjiang, including red grapes, green grapes, tree yellow, and black rose grapes. These four varieties have thick, seedless flesh, a sweet and sour taste, a chewy texture, and an endless aftertaste. Moreover, they have a transparent and colorful appearance, with each grape being uniform in size, making them very pleasing to the eye. They are perfect for snacking or baking.


Natural Air-drying: The Turpan Basin in Xinjiang is particularly suitable for planting and air-drying crops. The area is low-lying, with scorching summers, long periods of temperatures reaching forty degrees, and scarce rainfall. In this climate, Turpan people invented a unique air-drying room - "drying room". This type of room has holes on all four walls, providing both ventilation and protection from sunlight, allowing natural air-drying without any drying agents.


Raisins are rich in iron and calcium and contain abundant natural glucose, proteins, vitamins, cellulose, and various trace elements required by the human body, such as potassium, phosphorus, and magnesium. They are an excellent tonic for children, women, vegetarians, and those with weak anemia, as they can nourish the blood, warm the kidneys, and treat anemia. In addition, the various minerals, vitamins, and amino acids in raisins are beneficial for those with neurasthenia and excessive fatigue, and they are also a good dietary therapy for women's diseases.

Natural Assorted Raisins

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